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  - Effective Results Sheet for monitoring your body
- Lighter weight will help easy move.
- Compact size for space limitations
- User-friendly designed interface
- Quick measurement in 30 seconds
- Voice Guidance
- Classy & Stylish design
  Weight , Muscle Mass(Skeletal Muscles Mass), Body Fat Mass
TBW, FFM, BMI, PBF, WHR, Visceral Fat Level, BMR
Segmental Lean ( Mass, Evaluation)
Segmental Fat ( Mass, %, Evaluation)
Muscle-Fat Control, Body Composition History
Impedance, Company Information
Provides more precise height measurements. Automatically transfers
measurement data to the InBody. Precise height data is essential in the
InBody examination.
Up-Load Blood Pressure Monitor provided by Biospace offers you more
accurate results. The measured blood pressure values are automatically
sent to Inbody which help increase the effectiveness of examination
Items & Standard BODY COMPOSITION ANALYZER of Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Method
Bioelectrical Impedance(BIA) Measurement Items Bioelectrical
10 Impedance Measurements by Using 2 Different Frequencies (20㎑ and 100㎑) at Each of 5 Segments (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg and Left Leg)
Electrode Method Tetrapolar 8-Point Tactile Electrode System
Measurement Method Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Method; DSM-BIA Method
Body Composition
Calculation Method
No use of Empirical Estimation
Parameters LCD Weight, Muscle Mass (Skeletal Muscle Mass),
Body Fat Mass, Visceral Fat Level
Result Sheet Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Total Body Water, Fat Free Mass, BMI, Percent Body Fat, Waist-Hip Ratio(WHR), Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR), Visceral Fat Level, Segmental Analysis of Lean and Fat (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg), Muscle Control, Fat Control, Fitness Score, Body Composition History,
Impedance at Each Segment & Frequency
Applied Rating Current 250㎂
Adapter Power Input AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2A
Power Output DC 12V, 3.4A
Display Type EBTN LCD
Input Interface Easy to control using the keyboard
External Interface RS-232C 1EA, USB Slave 1EA
Dimensions 397(W)×608(L)×955(H): mm
15.6(W)×24(L)×37.6(H): inch
Machine Weight


Measurement Duration 30 seconds
Operation Environment 10 ~ 40°C(50 ~ 104°F), 30 ~ 75%RH, 70 ~ 106kPa
Strage Environment -20 ~ 70°C(-4 ~ 158°F), 10 ~ 95%RH, 50 ~ 106kPa(No condensation)
Weight Range 10 ~ 250kg (22 ~ 551lb.)
Age Range 3 ~ 99years
Height Range 95 ~ 220cm(3ft. 1.4in. ~ 7ft. 2.6in.)
※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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